Corporate Office Fit-out

MBG recently completed a state-of-the-art, 40,000 sq. ft., interior remodel of a new facility at American Baptist Home Mission Societies in King of Prussia, PA. The project features a stunning, futuristic, concave reception desk made of Corian. Unique halo lighting above the desk and 3Form transparent panels behind, complete this centerpiece. The reception area around the desk features custom-made, walnut flitch panels. Craftspeople took pains to use wood from a single tree to ensure grain matching. The upscale lighting package includes troth lighting down both corridors converging at a feature wall with a light-formed cross. The offices and conference rooms all have modern, LED lighting that provide an energy efficient work environment. The multipurpose space has cutting-edge audio/video equipment and folding partition walls that provide sound-proofing during simultaneous events. Pantry and lounge areas boast handmade, imported, subway tile and polished concrete flooring. Beautifully crafted modern furniture and LED lighting provide a comfortable gathering space. Restrooms have clean lines and modern amenities. This modern workplace also boasts a fitness center with locker rooms and shower facilities.

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